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Sanguine: Chapter 2

Sanguine: Chapter 2

8 hours passed.


Alex had remained in the scorching sun all day, hoping today would be different from the other days.


Alex has been jobless for a while now and he has exhausted every possible avenues of getting a job. He is at his limit. His rent is 3 months past due. He survives on ramen noodles. Despite all this he still has a smile on his face, masking his suffering, not letting anyone in.


“Alex! Have some water”


Mr. Chan tosses a bottle water towards the direction of Alex. Mr. Chan works out of a bodega, right across from where Alex usually plants himself on daily.
“Thanks Mr. Chan!”


Alex helps out Mr. Chan occasionally and for his help Mr. Chan pays him $100 weekly. Enough to at least put some food in his belly. At around 5pm Alex packed up his stuff and headed for the bus stop. But before then, like clockwork he picks up a can of cat food for Minnie. He headed back home, said hi to Mrs Jenkins.


“Did you get the contract Alex!?” She asked
“No not yet but it’s still in the works” he responded while attempting to mask the guilt on his face. He fed Minnie, watched tv, went to bed. This was his daily life, hoping one day that phone would ring for a job interview.


A couple weeks went by and it’s the eve of the reunion. Alex had managed to pick up some nice clothes from the thrift store close by. He was a bag of emotions that night. On one hand seeing some of his old friends and Alyssa would be a nice escape from his current reality. On the other hand, explaining to these old friends the life he lives now might be too much to bear. He tried not to think too much about it . “Maybe someone at the reunion could help me with a job” he thought. A ray of hope. He smiled and went to bed.


The next day he got all dressed up, black dress shirt, tan pants, black shoes and a blazer. A mixture of excitement and nervousness. He left his apartment and headed for the bus. He got to the location a few minutes before it was scheduled to start. There were signs everywhere directing where people should go. He had to go sign in at the entrance. He walked up to the person checking everyone in.


“Alex….Alex Walker”
“Huh sorry there is no one by that name on this list” Alex looked confused.
“Huh, no my name should be on there, check again, Alex Walker”
“One moment please” she said


“Ah, so it looks like you rsvp’d No, so I’m sorry sir we cannot let you in”
“No no no, there must be some mistake, I ticked yes” Then it dawned on Alex, how he initially ticked no and then yes. He figured maybe that was where the confusion stems from. He tried to explain it to the lady but there was not much she could do.


“And there is no way I can get it in tonight? I mean I am a past student..” He asked
“I am sorry no, all the seats are for those who rsvp’d and/or their plus ones” Alex looked distraught. “Okay thank you!”


He walked away, seeing as there was nothing to be done. He didn’t stop walking till he came across a bar near the location of the event. He decided to head in and drink away his sorrows.


“One whisky, neat” he said to the bartender as he sat on the bar stool. His drink came and he drank it in one fell swoop. Glass down, face down.


He lifted his head up and looked to the far right of the bar table. His eyes lit up.



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