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Sanguine: Chapter 1

Sanguine: Chapter 1
The elevator bell rang, the doors opened up.

Out came Alex in his slightly messy suit and pulled down tie.

"Long day Alex?"

"You have no idea, dealt with some major clients today." he said

Mrs. Jenkins has been living across Unit 42 for the better part of 30 years. She lived alone with her cat Minnie.

"Where’s Minnie? I’ve got some treats for her"

Minnie in her silky white coat came walking out the door. Out of a plastic bag Alex pulled a can of cat food, opened it up and placed it on the floor for Minnie and she went to town.

"She’s super hungry today" he said

"Yeah she hadn’t eaten anything all day, always waiting for her fav uncle Alex’s meal"

"He smiled, rubbed her head then headed inside"

On the floor on the other side of his studio apartment door was a bunch of mail. He picked them up, locked his door, headed over to the dining table, dropped his keys and went through them one by one. Typical bills and restaurant coupons. The last mail was interesting though.
"Invitation to the Berkeley class of 2005 reunion
You are cordially invited to the Berkeley class of 2005 reunion holding next Month on the 20th of August 2015. Please RSVP Yes or No and mail this back to us."

Without giving it much thought Alex ticked No and dropped the invitation on his dining table. Taking off his suit and getting into something comfy, Alex whipped up some store bought ramen noodles and plopped himself in front of his 32 inch tv. Hours passed by.

Alex got up, turned off the tv, walked a few steps and hopped on his bed. He pulled up his smartphone and started browsing Facebook. Suddenly he got a notification.


"You have been added to the Berkeley class of 2005 reunion group"


He scoffed, but opened up the group anyway. Scrolling through the posts on the group he saw former classmates posting about their excitement for the upcoming reunion. Then he stumbled upon a post by Alyssa a former class mate and best friend. He began reminiscing about his friendship with Alyssa. Their pizza night study sessions for finals. Times spent working on projects. They were best of friends, but they lost touch after college. She moved on with her life and he moved on with his. Next thing we hear Alex snoring. With his phone laid flat on his chest.

The next morning Alex got dressed up in his usual suit and tie with his briefcase. As he walked out of his apartment he notices the invitation on the dining table.
He thought for a moment…

He then picked it up, cancelled out the "No" and ticked Yes. He headed out, said hi to Mrs. Jenkins and Minnie. He dropped the invitation in his mailbox and headed for the bus stop
He got on the bus, had on his earphones, "B**tch better have my money" by Rihanna was playing.

An hour passed by and Alex was fast asleep on the bus.
"Last stop!!" the bus driver yelled.

The sound woke Alex up. He took off his earphones and put them in his suit pocket. The last stop came up. He picked up his suitcase and got off the bus. Thanking the driver, he walked a few meters and stopped, dropping his suitcase on the floor and opened it. Out came a huge piece of paper. He held it flush to his chest. It read..



Unemployed Finance Graduate

Age: 26

Will take any Job. CVs Available

Please call: 6132516245


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Sanguine: Chapter 2

Sanguine: Chapter 2

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