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About Us

Growing up in Delta state, located in the southern part of Nigeria. I was taught about Nigerian history and culture as well as Black history, culture, and excellence. However, after moving to Canada, I figured most of the information taught to me did not resonate with me. I decided to educate myself as much as I could on Black history, culture, and excellence. The business sector caught my attention because I plan on going back to school to get my MBA degree. I quickly noticed that compared to other communities, money did not stay in black communities for long periods. I decided to dig deep and do some more research and it did not take me long to find an article by The Black Star Project titled “Circulate Black Dollars in Black Community”.
This article detailed that African Americans have about a $1.3 trillion gross national income and only 2% of that money is re-circulated in the Black community. Furthermore, it showed how it vastly varied when compared to other communities. Here is the breakdown:

• 28 days in the Asian community
• 19 days in the Jewish community
• 17 days in the White community
6 hours in the Black community

These stats were not just heartbreaking to a young black professional like me, but it was motivating. Yes, it is true that these statistics have been largely argued over the last two decades, but the massive wealth gap simply cannot be overlooked. Black people do not even get half a day, whilst everyone else is getting 17+ days. This was unbelievable! I immediately started supporting, promoting, and buying black owned brands, items, and services whenever I could. However, I do know I am one person and cannot simply move the needle from 6 hours to 6.1 hours. Hence, why I started VIBE in the hopes of getting people of all communities, not just black, to invest in and support black owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

VIBE was founded under two goals. The first being to market businesses on social media through content creation and subsequently reach a wider audience. Additionally, pique at the interests of people of different ethnic backgrounds, communities and generations. The second is to invest in black businesses, entrepreneurs, and communities. This investment can be done in the form of funding, capital, loans, scholarships and/or purchasing stocks, shares, items and services.

Here at VIBE, we have a dedicated team of professionals from different sectors of the technology, business and creative industries to help achieve our goals. We are working tirelessly to make sure we put out the best content that will drive customer satisfaction and engagement. We aim to get everyone regardless of ethnic backgrounds, communities and generations to invest in the black community.

We want to be the top platform for promoting black excellence and take the number from 6 hours to the highest it can be!


- Chukwuka Nwokobia Emmanuel (Founder, CEO & Creative Director)