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Munachimso Emenike

Munachimso Emenike
"An Igbo Princess"
An entrepreneur, model, fashion designer, show host and tv personality are just a few ways this intriguing Igbo princess extends and applies herself. She is the true definition of a game changer. It is one thing to make lemonade when given just lemons but it is another thing to establish a global brand just through Instagram and WhatsApp.

Chisom was well established in her career before stepping foot into the walls of a university. This is a testament to her drive and determination to succeed.

VIBE Founder and CEO, Chukwuka Nwokobia, identified Chisom as an entrepreneur that young black girls could model after. In a phone interview with this Nigerian business mogul, we asked her questions on what it is like to run a global business from Nigeria and these were her answers:

Why did you choose the career path of an entrepreneur at such a young age and what was your family's reaction to this choice?
My family was very supportive. I come from a family of entrepreneurs in this particular market space. My grandmother had ten children and all of them are fashion designers so I am in a very supportive environment.
I chose this career path after noticing that on Instagram, the prices for fashion pieces were very expensive. I decided to start a brand that would be affordable but still give quality products to the customers.

How did you deal with the early challenges you faced and what advice would you have for someone that could face similar challenges?
I faced a few challenges when I started. One of which was finding a name for my business. It seemed like every name I tried was taken so I ended up just going with my nickname, Munie.
Another challenge I faced was dealing with rude customers while still being a newbie in the fashion marketspace.

Other challenges I faced were finding a reliable tailor and the right delivery company for my business.
My advice would be that they should be level headed and very patient. Sometimes you would want to give up but being patient in these situations is key.

What can you say your business has taught you so far?
Definitely, working based on demand. When I started, I would design pieces and give a tailor to make a few hundred in different sizes. I did this, despite not having the necessary orders to fulfill. I ended up paying for pieces that never got sold and that cost me a lot.

Chisom's Rapid Fire

What can you say is unique about your business and business model?
I have standout pieces that are recognizable everywhere. If you ever see a butterfly top, just know that it is Shop Munie! Our Tie dresses are also incredibly popular.
What should we expect from you and Shop Munie in the future?
People should be prepared to see Shop Munie everywhere. Everyone should definitely expect better pieces and more collection designs like bikinis, ankara pieces and bubus. Furthermore, I plan on opening a store in about two to three years.

As an entrepreneur that is primarily based in Lagos, Nigeria. What has your experience been like in this marketspace?
It has not been easy to be very candid. It has been quite challenging to manage all this myself. For instance, having to balance replying to messages on my personal and business Instagram page.

What do you think of VIBE as a platform?
It is a great medium for young black entrepreneurs. It celebrates them and gives them a platform to tell their stories and promote their business.

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Very Fair interview. Big up!


VIBE coming through with the best interviews! Love the questions and how honest the answers are.


Great interview!


Definitely learnt a lot from reading this! Sometimes we are not sure we go through the same challenges successful people go through. Thank you Chisom!