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Fiona Khaemba

Fiona Khaemba
"Minimalist art that represents the underrepresented"
Born in Kenya but grew up in Ivory Coast, Fiona had always seen the Western part of Africa as her home. It was not until she moved to Canada that she developed a love for art. It started as childlike doodling but was able to focus this young vibrant energy on art. Unaware of the talent she had then, she used arts and crafts as a way to keep herself busy and escape the confines of a classroom. 
The drawings she made and took home resonated with friends, family and teachers. She was encouraged to continue her endeavors in arts as the talent she possesses is extraordinary. To her, it seemed like a mindless hobby and little attention was paid to the doodles. Nonetheless, the people around her saw an opportunity and pushed her to take it seriously. 
Fiona has been able to establish a brand, called Anaya Arts, that is doing very well in North America with her sales growing exponentially.
VIBE identifies Fiona as a talented, ambitious and adventurous artist. Below, are answers to the questions that were asked in an interview with Fiona highlighting the face behind Anaya Arts. Additionally, motivate and celebrate a Melanin dripping Queen dominating in the art industry and has plans to take the fashion industry by storm.
Anaya Art Models
How did the name Anaya Arts come about?
I was heavily influenced by the Western African culture. I knew I had to choose a name from West Africa and it should have meaning and significance. I looked up a lot of Nigerian names in particular and came up with an Igbo name, Anaya, which means "look up to God". That met my criteria for a name, aesthetically it looked nice and I decided to go with it. 
What were some of the early challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
I would say, not knowing what I was doing. I found myself in a situation where I had to put a price tag on the art and sell myself as a brand. The art would speak to people and I had to make sure I was set up properly to deliver. The main challenge was navigating this world and marketplace.
My advice to anyone that would be going through similar challenges or walk down the same path will be, to ask for help, surround yourself with the right people and know how to relinquish control.
What can you say your business has taught you so far?
To be very patient. People usually want to skip to the good parts. You know, where the money starts coming in. However, it is a slow process. I learned that I had to be very optimistic, keep pushing and stay grinding.
Wall Art
What is unique about your business and business model?
Fiona Rapid Fire
What should we expect from Anaya Arts in the near future?
The vision would be expanded. It started by focusing on natural hair, my experiences and providing the much needed representation of black women. In the near future, the idea of representation will be expanded to include other communities, ideas, concepts, self care, mental care, plus size, various religions, gender identity, sexual orientations and more. I would still be representing my people and black culture but also just trying to expand my way of thinking and coming out of my comfort zone.
What can you describe as the highlight of your successful career so far?
Definitely when children get excited about my art. It is super awesome to see that generation be inspired by my work and tell their parents to buy my stuff. It is such a big compliment to me because children are crazy honest about everything.
Noir King
What are your thoughts on VIBE as a platform?
First of all, the name is absolutely genius and we do need platforms like yours. I am glad and excited that your platform represents me and is working on closing the racial wealth gap.
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