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"There’s many shades of yellow"
A bona fide superstar and the quintessential overachiever are words that do not even do JYellowL justice. His achievements and many accolades can serve as reminders to the next generation of artists that dreams do come true! 
VIBE Founder and CEO, Chukwuka Nwokobia, sat down with this musical genius, who stands head and shoulder above his rap peers, to talk about his journey and how he has been able to navigate a musical industry that presents a very unique space. Below, are the answers to the questions that were asked:
Why did you choose the career path of an artist?
Music has always been a focal point of my life. I have always referred to music at my high and low points. A person can always associate their life experiences with music. My dad and senior brother, Harry, are really big into music and I remember being caught rapping just moments after buying my first rap album. I used to hide to rap but Harry caught me. He rapped and I looked up to him. To me, he was the coolest person in the world. 
After a period of soul searching, I made the decision to rap in my last year in high-school. I concluded that I had no interest in being a lawyer or a dentist. I wanted to do something I loved and had exceled in.  
Has your family always been in support of your career path?
My single mother raised me and I was under her guidance. I definitely understood why there were some concerns and resistance, given the career path I chose. She had paid for me to go to private school, get the required results that will allow me study medicine, accounting, law and all the sorts. So, when the reports started coming in that I was not going into study halls, she did not understand and thought I was making a reckless, youthful decision. However, we struck a deal that if I got into college, I would have her full support to pursue music.
What were some of the early challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
To be very candid, making music is very difficult and navigating the industry is extremely tough. Especially, doing this in a country like Ireland, where there is no space for the specific genre, rap.

I started off by buying a speaker and blasting my music super loud for everyone to hear and asking for feedback. I also went to open mics and sometimes there were five people and other times, no one turned up. These gigs were all unpaid, but the experience was worth it. 

I overcame these challenges by being patiently persistent but not persistently patient. Additionally, something I learnt was knowing the right way to approach people about your music.

What is a lesson you have learned from the music industry?
Experts do not always have expert opinions. There have been so many times were I just had to do things my way and follow my gut.
Rapid Fire JYellowL
Walk us through your creative process?
I think the fact that my music comes from me and my life experiences is what makes it unique. I can only paint from my perspective. Regarding my creative process, it changes all the time so that I do not feel monotonous. I am always writing music. Even when I am speaking with people, I am thinking of bars. You can say my creative process is not really a process but a lifestyle. However, the final product is dependent on the VIBE of the session and one thing I love doing in my songs is, storytelling.  

What can we expect from you in the near future?
Expect the unexpected. The next batch of music will be very different. People would either love it or kind of love it. I released an album seven months ago and I am burning to release new music. The only thing is you have to be strategic with releasing music so it comes out when it is the right time.

As a black artist in Dublin, what has your experience been like?
It has been an uphill battle. You're a minority by quite a distance, as we only make two percent of the population here. Furthermore, I did not grow up here and only came to Dublin when I was a teenager. This means I am already missing the factor or relatability since I have not developed the social skills and had the Irish orientation.
Can you describe the highlight of your successful career so far?
I have had so many successful moments. I have headlined shows, performed at massive festivals and been on the FIFA soundtrack. However, the highlight of my career so far would be the day I decided to pursue music because without that moment, nothing would come after it.

What do you think of VIBE as a platform?
First of all, I think it is a phenomenal acronym. I also think it is a super dope idea for a group of people that are very much underrepresented and misrepresented in some cases.


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