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Victor Sodje (Financial Specialist)


"Waste no time arguing about what a good man should be, be one"

Vic Rating 

Vic leads the Finance Team and is undoubtedly the most Intelligent person on our team. He just graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce and a concentration in Finance. He got the Senate’s medal for his outstanding academic achievement and had a mind blowing CGPA of 11.5/12. This guy was also able to get a CSC full certification in his 2nd year in university and a CFA Level 1 certificate the following year. I know what you are thinking, does this guy have a personal life and does he even have any time for fun? Apparently he does. Some of his interests outside work are reading, playing the piano, wind instruments and stargazing. Aww, our very own Geek ;)

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