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Our Vision



A marketing machine that connects consumers to different black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. This would be done by creating awareness for black businesses of all kinds  through content creation and investing in these businesses to aid exponential growth.


VIBE uses research as a key organizational pillar to achieve its goals. We have been able to create various content and invest in black-owned businesses of all kinds. We also significantly expanded our business catalog to include more business sections and make it easier for consumers to find the business that meets their needs. VIBE has been able to raise thousands of dollars that have gone towards investing in black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. We will keep using our platforms to raise more money that will go to investment in our communities. VIBE has been able to partner with Solv Advisors to launch its Business Training and Education program for black-owned start-ups.


To become a world leader in the provision of content creation, awareness creation and tangible investment in black businesses, entrepreneurs and communities.


VIBE will be the world leader in marketing any and everything black-owned. Seen as a trailblazer in content creation, investment, innovation and design, they are one step away from closing the racial wealth gap. Their global organization is composed of highly intellectual, knowledgeable and loyal professionals of all generations. Their award winning social media platforms are generally recognized as the cream of the crop and their CEO is regularly requested to speak at conferences and seminars across the globe.  


While celebrating all the success we have been able to achieve so far, we also know there is still an enormous amount of work ahead. This calls for a lot of expansion to be done to expand our radius and reach more consumers. We have put measures in place to aid our expansion but we would need the help of everyone to reach more people. You can aid us by streaming our content regularly, sharing with friends and family and supporting your local black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Finally we would need your support in the form of donations. We have already made great strides but we can achieve so much more with your help. These donations would be used towards investing in and marketing black-owned businesses. In addition, pay VIBE's independent contractors that currently donate their time, effort, and resources to create content for marketing, increasing customer radius, and growing the internet presence of the black-owned businesses we feature.