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Find the best Restaurants and Food Options in Lagos

Sip Natural Smoothies Plated Memoirs
"We sought for home grown organic fruits and veggies and turn them into a premium natural drink like juice, smoothies, parfait, puree and cocktails." "Homemade Food Delivery Service. Order 24hrs before expected delivery, bestsellers before 10am."
CocktailvilleNChops Chowella Republic
"Very tasty small chops for every occasion. Home, office, events, birthday etc." "Lagos' Finest Online Restaurant"
Killz Bites CocoBean Bakery
"A food vendor that specializes in making different types of amazing burgers. With killz_bites you get that food orgasm you crave!" "Decadent Slices, Cakes & Desserts. Full cakes 72hr Notice. Mon-Sat 9am -7pm (Sun-Closed) NO SAME DAY DELIVERY!"
Mealplatter Catering Esteri Zobo
"A food catering outfit that specializes and not limited to event catering , food ordering , charity meal provision, corporate catering" "Esteri Zobo drink & tea"
Nappy Debby Treats
"Small chops, Cakes & Pastries"