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How To: Find Your Style

How To: Find Your Style
by Natasha (
Ever heard this saying before : "Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it."?
Well it's true.
Ten people could buy the exact same thing but it will look completely different on each person. Style is what you do with the clothes you buy, how you wear it and rock it.
It's all about taking what you have and making it you, bringing those pieces alive and making a statement without having to speak. That's what style is.
1. Know what works for your body shape
This is the #1 thing you must know when it comes to finding your style. Not everything is going to fit your body shape and that's okay! That's why it's important to never compare yourself to anyone. You can admire, even take inspiration from others (which I recommend) but not everything that looks good on others will look good on you, in the same way not everything that looks good on you will look good on others. So take inspiration from others but never compare yourself or try and force yourself into something that doesn't fit your body shape because it's what everyone is wearing.
2. Find inspiration from anywhere
Secondly, Inspiration can be found from absolutely everywhere. There's certain people that I take inspiration from in terms of fashion, both men and women .. some are celebrities but many times it's just the people around me or people that I bump into in the streets.
Aside from people, the other things that usually inspire me are locations, things or my mood or the mood I'm trying to go for. If I'm to say we're going to Paris for the day pick an outfit, I'm sure you already have an imagine in your head of what you'd wear and that's because locations can inspire fashion. Same way mood can inspire and things can inspire you. Don't limit yourself to just be inspired by other people cause then you'll just end up being a copy someone's style instead of finding and creating your own style.

3. Experiment

Don't be afraid to try something new! A lot of times I find people are scared of trying new things so they always look the same. Boring.

Make it a point to try something that you think wouldn't look good on you. It might just look amazing on you and if not at least you tried. Try different styles, different combinations and you'll be surprised at the outcomes and how different things fit you.

4. Break the rules
Rules are meant to be broken.

Well at least fashion rules lol...Who created them anyway?
This is how I work. I create my own rules...who said that you can't wear 10 different colors, that you can't wear heels and socks or tracksuit with heels?
This is why I love people like @badgalriri cause she breaks all the rules. She wears things that nobody else would even think of wearing and she slays it.
If you really want to find your own style break the rules, combine colors, fabrics and pieces that you usually wouldn't combine.
5. Be bold and Confident
Lastly but definitely not least .. Be bold and confident. OWN what you are wearing and don't let it own you. Ever see people that wear absolutely anything, and even the most basic things look amazing on them. That's because whatever they wear they own it and they are bold and confident. How you walk is important. When you aren't confident in what you are wearing everyone can tell. Style is about how you wear your outfit, how you walk in it and how it makes you feel and others around you feel. Your boldness and confidence is what bring what you are wearing to life.
Alright ladies and gents, there you have it ! I hope you all loved it and let me know down below other ways that you have found your style.
'Til next time Kaycee Fam !


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