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Aicha Dramé-Diabagaté

Aicha Dramé-Diabagaté
"Become a Limitless you"
A wife, mother and creative hustler are just a few words to describe this ambitious entrepreneur.
Growing up in a Guinean family, Aicha was not aware that entrepreneurship was a possible career choice. Regardless, that was not going to stop her from doing something she loved. She needed freedom to live and do things on her own terms such as creating her own schedule, travelling, controlling every aspect of her wealth generation and spending time with family.
We sat down with this game-changer who can never say no to food, clothes and family to learn from her and see how exactly she navigates the beauty market-space. Below are her answers to questions that were asked and we know for sure this already successful entrepreneur is just getting started. She is pacing down the path of creating a legacy that the next generation would look to imitate.
Mink Lashes
How does the career path you chose differ from what you studied in college/university?
I studied Business management and Entrepreneurship so not too different. Going to school really helped me create a structure for myself and gave me the much needed credibility.
What were some of the early challenges you faced, how did you overcome them and what advice can you give to someone who is going through the same challenges?
The first challenge for sure was finding my identity because so many people were doing the same thing. It was very important and critical that I stood out. I dealt with this by going back to the basics and looking at the reason why I started The Beauty Kingdom. Once I was able to identify and recognize The Beauty Kingdom in that sense, I was able to overcome that challenge.
My advice would be to remain authentic because that is what is going to make you unique.
What can you say your business has taught you so far?
My business has taught me to be disciplined and hardworking. If I do not invest, plan, have great customer service and stay disciplined in every area, my business will crumble.
Rapid Fire Aicha
What should we expect from The Beauty Kingdom in the near future?
Right now it is built on the foundation of celebrating women. We cater to two demographics, the consumer who wants to purchase our items and/or services and the customer who wants to start their own business. In the near future, I plan for it to be a place of opportunity for women. It will become a learning center where every woman feels at home and welcome. No racism, colorism or genderism.
As a black entrepreneur in this market-space, what has your experience been like?
The market is very much limited and not positive to black women. They are trying to be inclusive but there is still a huge gap. Being a black woman in the industry, I feel a lot of other cultures are not as keen to buy our products. Because it is black-owned? I cannot say, however, I cannot shake off that being a major reason why.
What is the highlight of your successful career so far?
The highlight of my career for sure would be starting to teach my courses and I am super proud of it. I put in a lot of effort, work, hours and planning. The response and feedback I have got so far has been amazing. It is truly growing into something breathtaking.
What do you think of VIBE as a platform?
I love the whole idea. I think it is amazing that you guys are bringing all the black businesses together and establishing that one-stop shop. I really love that you guys are investing in black wealth and you have my full support.
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Greta Macrides

Truly inspiring, I learned so much from you girl!


She is an inspiration to young girls. I am definitely inspired! Thank you Aicha :)


Aicha does it all 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Majesty Joie

Love to see it 🤩🤩